What is EMP
Electromagnetic radiation which has a negative effect on the health of living organisms.

What is…


ElectroMagnetic Pollution is


EllectroMagnetic Radiation is


EllectroMagnetic Smog is

What can we do to Protect Ourselves Now.

  • Cell Phones

    Turn Mobile Off at night or keep 10-15ft away from where we sleep.

  • WiFi

    Keep away from bedrooms and turn off at night

  • Blue Tooth

    Get rid of Bluetooth technology and use a hands free cord pug in with speakers and microphone to make phone calls. This will at least keep the phone from being right next to your head.

  • Paint

    A special aluminium paint can be applied to inside wall of the house. Very expensive

  • Protect from all Appliances

    Microwave, TV, computers, baby monitors EMF can be reduced with protective Shields (Example Biozen)


Electro Smog is invisible ElectroMagnetic Radiation


Most Common Sources


  • WiFi
  • Mobile
  • Cordless Phones
  • Baby Monitors
  • Microwaves
  • Computers, Laptops and Printers
  • Smart Meters
  • Security Cameras


  • Mobile Masks
  • Transmitters
  • Electric Power Towers

Do You Suffer From

  • Electro Smog are You Protected
  • Protect Blood Change
  • Lower Stress