Mag. Dr. rer. nat. Walter Hannes Medinger, IIREC, Krems (Austria), 01/2011; 01/ 2014; 01/2015.

Protection for the human body: Our body uses Low frequencies {0-30 Hz) for internal communication. The frequencies that cell phones emit in this range continuously interfere with this communication.

Measurement and Certificate 01/2011:
With a special measuring setup the magnetic field of a certain area is shown. The results show how BioZen balances out the magnetic fields. This compensation ranges up to 0.4 microtesla. That is quite a lot when you consider that the magnetic field peak of the installed antenna is 2.4 microtesla. The worse the environment conditions are, the more powerful BioZen becomes.

Measurement and Certificate 01/2015:

Same and even more clear results as 01/2011. Measurements supervised by BUREAU VERITAS: Inspection Certificate.